Self-Growth - How to Increase Your Self-Esteem

The exciting thing is that we can increase our self-esteem through out our life. Many people have grown up in homes where self-esteem was not nurtured or taught (chronic low self esteem). The result is that as adults, even though they may be successful professionally and in their endeavors, they still struggle with feelings of inadequacy on the inside. It is the feelings on the inside and the messages that we give to ourselves which can be changed.
How to increase your self-esteem
1. Believe in your uniqueness
Cherish the fact that in this whole wide world there is no one else just like you. Feelings of worth flourish in environments where individual differences are appreciated. It is up to you to appreciate who you are.
2. Believe in change
Trust that you can make changes in your life because you can always learn new things. See yourself as an instrument of change in order to bring forth and develop your essence.
3. Love yourself
If you do not love yourself how can you love others? Let go of the belief that to love yourself means that you are against others. Instead truly loving yourself allows you to value others. If you do not value yourself you end up having negative feelings toward others like envy or fear.
4. Care for yourself
Be your own best friend. It is empowering to care for your body and mind. The better care you take of yourself the easier it is for you to set limits with people who want to cross your boundaries. You will not allow yourself to be abused physically or emotionally.
5. Take action with words and deeds
Listen to what you say to yourself. If you hear that you are putting yourself down- stop- and substitute words that empower you. If you have been used to devaluing yourself accept that it will take concentrated effort to change the words. New patterns are formed through repetition. The same goes for taking action. For instance, if you want to take better care of your body set up a structured routine for exercising. Without building in a mental and physical structure it is easy to not follow your best intentions.
The process of self-growth can be enhanced through self-growth classes and having a mentor. The reward is increased self-worth and happiness and strengthened relationships